The Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan Kit

The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan 


with just 1 hour of meal prep per week!

If you're exhausted trying to piece together which foods are anti-inflammatory and how to find recipes that fit--the Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meals Kit is here to help!

Get easy + delicious seasonal anti-inflammatory recipes that are perfect for taking advantage of the cozy + nutrient-dense winter produce, while nourishing your body!

You'll get 4 weeks of meal plans designed around a few specifically chosen winter anti-inflammatory ingredients to make meal prep a snap! (We're talking an hour or less per week!)


✔ You are so ready to finally get started with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet without the conflicting food lists...

✔  You want to celebrate the amazing winter produce but aren't sure how to find them in true anti-inflammatory recipes

✔ You're lost on how to still have desserts while sticking to anti-inflammatory guidelines

✔ You've browsed Anti-Inflammatory cookbooks, but were overwhelmed with creating weekly meal plans

✔ You don't have hours to spend scouring for winter recipes and strategizing how to prep ahead of time

✔ You want to find anti-inflammatory cocktail (or mocktail!) options that are refreshing for winter!

If any of these statements are setting off 'YOU GET ME' alarms...then keep reading-- you're in the right place, friend!

Imagine what it will feel like when you're body is calm, cozy, and balanced even through the freezing winter temps!

Maybe you're trying to kickstart weight loss, calm an inflammatory condition, or balance blood sugar.

You get to do all this with seriously yummy food without worrying about a single ingredient in your meal.

You're ready to commit to an anti-inflammatory diet, but you've got a lot of questions!

  • "How do I get started with an anti-inflammatory diet?"
  • "What foods fight inflammation?"
  • "What foods do I cut out that cause inflammation?"
  • "How do I find easy and doable recipes that follow these guidelines?"
  • "Can these recipes be seasonal and include the yummy summer produce?"

I know, there can be a lot of confusion if you're starting to eat anti-inflammatory for the first time. If you don't have compliant recipes to follow, it can be easy to eat inflammatory foods, get off track, and never enjoy the benefits of a healing anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

That's why I created the done-for-you Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meals Kit.

Here's just a small sampling of the crazy yummy recipes included in this meal plan kit...

Air Fryer Chocolate Lava Baked Oats

Pomegranate Thyme Cocktail

Creamy Chicken and Oyster Mushrooms

Sausage & Mushroom Stuffed Squash

Mayo Dijon Chicken with Pear Salad

Chocolate Orange Ginger Smoothie Bowl

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Pressure Cooker Beef & Veggie Stew

$77  $57 for a limited time!

The TRUEWELL Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meal Kit

4 weeks of delicious anti-inflammatory meals designed to keep you full while calming inflammation, with only 1 hour of meal prep per week!

This winter meal plan is the exact set of recipes I've used to manage my anxiety, balance my blood sugar as a prediabetic, and stay trim and de-flamed all fall season! I designed it around a limited number of ingredients each week to keep things as simple as possible with weekly meal prep guides to save tons of time cooking every night! The cranberry on top is the addition of anti-inflammatory desserts AND cocktails! Winter just keeps getting better and better! 🌿

-Laura, founder of TRUEWELL

Here's what you get in the Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meals Kit:

  • 4 Weeks of delicious anti-inflammatory dinner and lunch recipes, in a complete meal plan
  • A shopping list for each week of dinners and lunches, categorized for convenience
  • A meal prep guide for each weekly meal plan to make cooking anti-inflammatory a snap each night
  • Tips on how to prep in under an hour for each week, taking advantage of the grouped winter ingredients per week
  • 4 Weeks of interchangeable anti-inflammatory breakfast and snack recipes
  • 4 Absolutely yummy smoothie recipes to take advantage of the fresh winter produce
  • 4 Divine (but still anti-inflammatory!) dessert recipes (coz who wants to miss out on dessert--especially during the holidays?!)
  • And 4 Winter-inspired anti-inflammatory cocktail recipes that are so refreshing you won't even miss those summer spritzers!
  • Anti-Inflammatory Winter Lifestyle Guide (did you know the severe winter temps can be brutal for inflammation??)
  • Winter produce + flavor pairings guide chock-full of winter produce goodness + pairings proven to give the ultimate flavor punch while keeping your body calm and collected no matter what the temp is outside!




Learn how to combine macronutrients and types of food to create the perfect meal to keep you full while keeping inflammation at bay. (Value: $27)



Discover the framework to allow eating out whether at the drive thru or a restaurant to maintain your anti-inflammatory status. This bonus also includes a printable template that will allow you to know immediately what you can eat at any restaurant or drive thru. (Value: $27)

That's a total value of over $131 for only $57!


This meal kit is for you if:
  • You are looking for recipes that truly follow the basic anti-inflammatory guidelines, whether your goal is to lose weight, balance blood sugar, or manage a condition (or all of the above!)
  • You want to take advantage of the delicious winter produce,
  • You believe eating seasonally is best for your health (and your wallet!),
  • You want easy + yummy recipes you can use every winter,
  • You need an easy-to-prep meal plan to get you started with anti-inflammatory meals asap.
This meal kit is NOT for you if:
  • You're not committed to changing the way you eat to balance your blood sugar, kickstart weight loss, or pull down inflammation in your body,
  • You have hours on end to cook every meal,
  • You'd rather rely on food lists from 'food bloggers' who aren't qualified and don't have accurate information on what foods to eliminate and those that are truly anti-inflammatory.

Hi--I'm Laura-- creator of the Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meals Kit!

I started researching and living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle a few years ago after realizing my sugar and carb addiction were wreaking havoc on my weight, hormones, gut health, joints, and blood sugar-- and quickly realized the anti-inflammatory diet made me feel freaking amazing!

I'm a Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition and I've been a Certified Health Coach for 9 years . And after healing my own body, I started teaching the anti-inflammatory diet for everything from weight loss, managing anxiety and depression, to arthritis to diabetes.

I did it for myself, and am committed to helping others regain their health with these amazing foods!

I created this 4-Week Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meals Kit because I get asked constantly what the best anti-inflammatory cookbook is, and also how to combine that with seasonal produce.

I'm excited to see what your favorite winter recipes are that you'll be using every winter from now on!


Q: How and when do I get access?

The kit is delivered via a zipped PDF file immediately when purchased (you’ll just click the ‘Download’ button.)

Q: Are the meals vegan/plant-based?

The recipes in this meal kit can easily be subbed out for vegan options, but they were not created as meat-free for a vegan diet.

Q: Are the recipes gluten-free?

Yes! One of the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet is eliminating gluten, so none of the recipes include gluten.

Q: Are the recipes dairy-free?

The recipes may contain some dairy, but since dairy is one of the foods that may or may not be inflammatory to you, personally, there is some included in some of the recipes. If you’ve been eating dairy-free for a while, you may already know how to swap out for dairy-free options in recipes. This should be no different. There are notes in most recipes where there is a dairy-free option for how to substitute a non-dairy food.

Q: Do these recipes include nightshades?

Yes, many of the recipes have nightshades in them. We don’t eliminate nightshades unless you’ve done an elimination diet and confirmed that they are inflammatory to you personally.

Q: Are the recipes sugar free?

Heck yes!! Sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat, so it is not included in the meal plans.

Q: Are fruits included in this meal plan?

Yes! Low-glycemic fruits can be a really great food to help pull down inflammation because of the phytochemicals and antioxidants in them.

Q: Is nutrition information included in the recipes?

Yes– each recipe has a nutrition panel that includes calories, fat (saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated), carbs, fiber, sugar, and protein.

Q: Is this refundable if I don’t like it?

If you're not completely satisfied with this product, there is a 14-day Guaranteed Return Policy. All I ask is that you give feedback as to why you requested the refund to further understand the request and make the meal plan kit as amazing for others as possible.

Only $77 $57 for a limited time!

The TRUEWELL  Winter Anti-Inflammatory Meal Kit

4 weeks of delicious anti-inflammatory meals designed to keep you full while calming inflammation with only 1 hour of meal prep per week!

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