We kick off October 28th, 2021!

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The  Sugar Rehab Program is the last sugar detox you'll ever need. Get started NOW.

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This offer is a hybrid of a digital course + group coaching program. 😉

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Now only $27!

Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

Here's what we're covering for 4 mind-blowing weeks!:

Shifting beliefs + new realities about sugar, including: 

  • Making the true mind-body connection to start the final sugar break-up
  • Letting go of old beliefs, guilt, self-beratement, and blame
  • The reason you keep going back and have cravings
  • The secret mega shift in how you see cravings that will finally make movement for you
  • Crucial tools to get you through the next few weeks

Shifting energy sources + metabolism: 

  • Coming off sugar and carbs the RIGHT way
  • The meal-creation formula to help keep you off sugar
  • Danger foods for those addicted to sugar and carbs
  • Possible deficiencies that make cravings worse + how to correct them
  • How gut health could be the key to it all
  • If and how to choose a dietary style beyond the Sugar Rehab program to STAY off sugar successfully

Shifting your inner voice: 

  • Making the emotional connection and disentangling it
  • The secret weapon you've had all along
  • The other health 'boosters' that will cement your hard work getting off sugar
  • Dealing with friends and family that aren't supportive

Shifting your confidence: 

  • Seeing the 'light at the end of the tunnel'
  • Celebrating your progress
  • Tools to keep going from NOW ON!
  • Trusting yourself in the aftermath

1 group call per week where you can ask anything!

Weekly meal plans to keep you on track.

Downloadable PDFs for the entire 4 week journey.

Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

👉 Let me guess... You've tried sugar detoxes before, but by the second week...

  • The cravings are overwhelming...
  • This causes you to give in to yet another uncontrollable raging binge...
  • The aftermath includes beratement, guilt, and utter defeat.

How do I know this? Because I'm not just a nutritionist, I'm also a Recovered Sugar Addict.

I've been smack dab in the middle of the chaos of 'secret hidden treat bags' for really hard days, and not being able to resist every single dessert at parties, and hiding in the pantry to scarf down as many cupcakes as possible before the kids or husband caught me.

I've had the all-or-nothing mentality that would give me the illusion of control for a few days, then send me spiraling out of control and into the guilt and beratement quicksand.

And you know what I finally discovered?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Here's the problem with other sugar detoxes...

  • They only focus on the food {This is a HUGE mistake! The food itself is only PART of the equation!}
  • They don't include the complex emotional connections {Believe it or not, feeling addicted has to do with your emotions as much as it has to do with your physical cravings and binges!}
  • They don't account for everyone's different timeframe for clarity of being free from sugar {It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months to get out of the 'sugar addiction fog'-- it's not a once-size-fits-all solution!}
  • They don't pull you off sugar and high carbs gradually, to avoid the 'flu' feeling, as well as the cravings backlash {Going hard-core cold-turkey backfires for people like us that have a sugar and carb addiction. Coming off gradually is the best way to help your body shift into a different energy source that doesn't force us into that hangry black-out cravings + binge mode that's happened every time before.}

Sugar Rehab does all this and more!

Sugar Rehab is a completely different sugar detox FOR sugar addicts, created BY a recovered sugar addict.

Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

Prevent your binges by obliterating the cravings.

  • A science-backed framework that digs deep to understand those cravings so you can finally obliterate them
  • Downloadable psyche-revealing journals
  • Downloadable food diary tailored to those who feel truly addicted to sugar and bread
  • Detox from sugar on YOUR timeline so you can stop the comparison trap and all-or-nothing mentality.

    • Discover the truth about how long it actually takes to get past sugar cravings for good
    • The secret to shifting out of the 'all or nothing' mindset when it comes to kicking the sugar habit for good
    • How to move out of the 'comparison trap' that's kept you feeling defeated when you see others controlling themselves around sugar while you're on this journey

    Worry-free sugar-free eating for 4+ weeks that avoids the 'detox flu'.

    • Specifically-sequenced meal plans that gradually wean your high carb and sugar intake
    • Eliminate the question of 'what can I eat' to stay on track
    • Strategies for what to do if you're still hungry

    Let's do this!!

    I'm ready to BREAK UP with sugar FOR GOOD!

    Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

    Here's what SUGAR REHAB students have to say:

    "I wish someone had told me about THIS sugar detox for the cravings and binges."

    - Jackie, marketing consultant

    "I've never made the connections with food and my emotions before on THIS level. The structure and insights from this course blew me away! I'll never be chained to sugar again."

    -Ebonie, spiritual coach

    "Holy cow, now I have the tools to get past my bingeing and actually make headway on my weight loss goals. Sugar has always been my kryptonite and held me back, but NO MORE!! I now know the exact foods that trigger me, and I have a plan to heal those triggers to break the hold sugar's always had on me."

    - Serena, video editor

    Don't forget these amazing bonuses you get with the SUGAR REHAB program!

    BONUS #1:

    Beyond SUGAR REHAB Food Diary + Journal

    • Your unique roadmap and journal to continue all your sugar detox efforts to get lasting results on your goals
    • Downloadable + printable PDF format
    • Your extension to the sugar detox to make real shifts from this point forward

    VALUED AT: $27

    BONUS #2:

    Sugar-Free Desserts Recipe Book

    • Delicious sugar-free desserts that won't send you on a bender
    • Treats that allow you to let go of the 'restriction' mind-set in a healthy way
    • The perfect answer to 'what can I eat after dinner or at the next party so I don't ruin my progress?'

    VALUED AT: $37

    BONUS #3:

    Special Bonus Discounts on other TRUEWELL Courses

    • Mega savings as a current student to continue your journey to phenomenal health + wellness
    • Accelerate the results you've worked so hard for
    • Follow a proven roadmap to a lifelong sugar-free lifestyle

    VALUED AT: $70

    Over $114 of FREE BONUSES when you get started with SUGAR REHAB!


    When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts now. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - as well as all updates to the course.

    What if I am unhappy with the course?

    If you haven't made progress on your cravings, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Will this work with any dietary style?

    Yes! Sugar-free does NOT have to mean low-carb or keto. The course guides you through understanding how to identify and eliminate trigger foods specific to your unique needs.

    Do you give me all the meal plans + recipes?

    YES! This program includes 4+ weeks of specifically designed and ordered meal plans to walk you through creating your own unique 'Sugar Free Fuel Rules'. You'll walk away with your personalized blueprint of trigger foods and an exact framework for navigating foods from now on.

    How does this work?

    1. You purchase the SUGAR REHAB LIVE program
    2. You get an email + immediate access to the digital portion of the program
    3. You'll get an email plus information in the program portal for the live weekly calls

    Get started now!

    Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

    Imagine where you could be 4 weeks from now...

    Even though you had a crazy busy day, you had healthy meals and snacks the entire day that were tailored to YOUR unique needs. You had boundless energy to tackle your day with zero cravings, and you can't wait to get home to spend time with your family, with ZERO worry that your dinner will send you to the freezer for Ben & Jerry's after.

    Get started in SUGAR REHAB now before the price goes up!

     Only $147  $27 until October 27th at midnight!

    Doors are closing soon!! Grab the last chance for the LIVE hybrid program!

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