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Sugar Addiction Probability Score: 5M

Congrats, friend! By completing this quiz, you've shown your commitment to living your happiest, healthiest life by quitting sugar. 🎉

According to your responses, your Sugar Addiction Probability Score is 5M, which means you have a moderate likelihood of being addicted to sugar.

Women that fall into this moderate category level of sugar addiction probability:

  • Have sometimes wondered if you're addicted to sugar and flour, because you've tried to quit it before and had a pretty hard time,
  • May indulge in emotional eating, which usually sabotages your efforts at getting a kickstart for weight loss or managing your condition through a specific dietary style,
  • Are not scared of diving in on these efforts, but usually end up giving up because after a week or two, the pull from sugar, chocolate, or bread is strong enough that one emotional upset will lead you right back to it.

What this means is that you will do best with what's called sugar deprogramming.

Sugar deprogramming goes way beyond a basic sugar detox. This is because people in the mid to moderate range of sugar addiction probability only make cravings exponentially worse if they try to do a basic sugar detox.

While you're deprogramming from sugar, you'll eliminate sugar in most forms, all grains, and higher glycemic fruits while increasing your vegetable, quality protein, and healthy fat intake. In the end-game you can expect to feel more energetic, less brain fog, and better able to manage your appetite (which helps if you're trying to lose weight.)

Most people are ready to break up with sugar because it's addicting, causes weight gain, and is highly inflammatory. Usually their ultimate goal is to transition into an Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Style. The most basic of these is the Mediterranean Diet.

3 Easy tips for getting the most out of your time deprogramming from sugar...

1. Fill up on fiber

Fiber is your key to feeling full! Why? It takes a long time to digest, and high-fiber foods often have fewer calories than their low-fiber counterparts. On top of that, fiber can help control your blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, and keep you regular. During sugar deprogramming find it in low-glycemic fruit and vegetables!

2. Clear out your cupboards

It's easy to eat clean when you're not constantly tempted by the high-sugar and flour snacks hiding in your cupboards. So sort through your cupboards and throw out whatever doesn't fit. Trust me, the time it takes will be worth it in the end!

3. Don't beat yourself up

Everybody falls off the wagon now and again – it's so not a big deal! You should never punish yourself by severely restricting your calories or over-exercising. When you do decide to indulge, just focus on enjoying it and get back to your chosen dietary style when the time is right. Remember, you've got this 👏

Slow your scroll, and let me introduce myself...

Hey there, I'm Laura Brigance 👋 I'm a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition, currently based outside Houston, TX. 

Not only am I a fanatic for the anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, I'm also committed to finding the perfect anti-inflammatory dietary style that works for your unique body type--one-size-fits-all solutions are so not my cup of chamomile.

I also happen to be a recovered sugar addict, so when I talk about the struggles you're feeling and facing, I've been there, done that! (And overcome it using sugar deprogramming!)

Still not sure where to start on deprogramming from sugar? I've got your answer right here, friend...

Get immediate access to my webinar: "5 Reasons Sugar Detoxes Fail and What to Do Instead"! 

It'll explain...

  • Exactly why people with your level of sugar addiction probability repeatedly fail when they try to do a basic sugar detox, 
  • What Sugar Deprogramming is and why it works,
  • And what the real solution is to finally break free of the hold sugar has on you for good!

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5 Reasons Sugar Detoxes Fail and What to Do Instead


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