The Sugar Detox Meal Plan to Help You Break Free of Sugar

Can a sugar detox meal plan really help you quit sugar for good?

Well, that depends. As a nutritionist, I help people get off sugar for a ton of different reasons. Some of these include a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes, having inflammatory conditions, or simply needing sustainable energy all day that doesn’t require hits of food just to make it through the day.

The connecting factor in all of these is that the ultimate goal is to get started on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

The problem is that the first step is to cut out sugar. And for many people, this can be extremely difficult.

But most people search online and see many different versions of sugar detoxes.

So first of all, these can be effective. However…

There is a sort of spectrum of people that start a sugar detox meal plan in an attempt to quit sugar:

  1. Those who can quit it and forget it,
  2. those who crave it and can’t resist it or quit it once they’ve started (bingeing),
  3. and then a range of in-betweens.

You usually know where you’re at on that spectrum by the time you get to a point of wanting to do a sugar detox in the first place.

This is really important, because if you’re a ‘Quit It and Forget It’ type, a 1-2 week sugar detox meal plan is perfect for getting off sugar to transition into the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

If you’re in the middle of the spectrum or on the more ‘addicted’ end, this type of sugar detox won’t work, because there are many factors at play.

The first is genetics, the second is the amount of sugar and flour products you’ve been eating daily, and the third is how long you’ve been eating this way.

If you don’t know, take the free QUIZ: What’s Your Sugar Detox Body Type?

So as a nutritionist, it’s extremely helpful to put meal plans out there that are specifically designed for coming off sugar in a particular way.

Most people that do a sugar detox complain about 2 main things:

1- The side effects, and

2- The cravings not going away.

Which is why it’s such a big time-saver to KNOW where you stand on that sugar-intake spectrum.

The people that see the MOST SUCCESS with a sugar detox are the ones who:

  • Are honest about their level of dependence on sugar
  • Make the commitment to start with a reliable sugar detox (and the CORRECT type!)
  • Do the work (which isn’t just about food, it’s also about mental and emotional connections as well.)

The best time to quit sugar is NOW, and the best way to do it is with a nutritionist-designed sugar detox meal plan and guide to help you understand the hold sugar may have on you, and how to beat it for good.

So you have 2 choices: Go ahead and try a 1-week Sugar Detox Meal Plan, or take the QUIZ to see what your perfect Sugar Detox Body Type is so you can quit wasting time and get the CORRECT type of sugar detox specifically for your body type! 👇

Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Author: Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Laura is a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition. Her goal is to help women reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, and regain natural energy with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet + Lifestyle.

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