The Best Sugar Detox Meal Plan to Help You Finally Break Free from Sugar

Can a sugar detox meal plan really help you quit sugar for good?

Well, that depends. As a nutritionist, I help people get off sugar for a ton of different reasons. Some of these include a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, having inflammatory conditions, wanting to lose weight, or simply needing sustainable energy all day that doesn’t require hits of sugar and caffeine just to make it through the day.

The connecting factor in all of these is that the ultimate goal is to get started on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

the best sugar detox meal plan

The problem is that the first step is to cut out sugar. And for many people, this can be really difficult. In fact, I’ve surveyed thousands of women who want and need an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, and the number one reason for not being able to stick to it is having an extremely hard time quitting sugar and refined carbs.

But most people search online and decide that the best way to quit sugar is to start with a sugar detox. Most will see many different versions of sugar detoxes.

The Goal of a sugar detox determines the effectiveness

So first of all, a sugar detox can be effective, depending on the goal.

If the goal is to simply give your body a break from sugar for a week… This will accomplish your goal. (So long as you actually stick to the sugar-free rules.)

If your goal is to detox so that you can break free from the cravings and subsequent binges, there’s way more to it.

the best sugar detox meal plan

How to know if a sugar detox will help you quit sugar for good

Truly quitting sugar and refined carbs for good can actually be more complicated than it might seem at first. That’s because there is a sort of spectrum of people that start a sugar detox meal plan in an attempt to quit sugar:

  1. Those who can quit it and forget it,
  2. those who crave it and can’t resist it or quit it once they’ve started (bingeing),
  3. and then a range of in-betweens.
spectrum of sugar addiction for sugar detox meal plan

If you don’t know where you’re at on that spectrum by the time you get to a point of wanting to do a sugar detox in the first place, you’ll know by the end of the first week of going sugar-free.

This is really important, because if you’re a ‘Quit It and Forget It’ type, you have a low probability of actually being addicted to sugar, and a 1-2 week sugar detox meal plan is perfect for getting off sugar to transition into an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

If you’re in the middle of the spectrum or on the more ‘addicted‘ end (mid to high probability), this type of sugar detox won’t work, because there are many factors at play:

  1. The first is genetics,
  2. the second is the amount of sugar and flour products you’ve been eating daily,
  3. and the third is how long you’ve been eating this way.
the best sugar detox meal plan

All these added together create what I call ‘Sugar Programming’ that affects how easy or hard it is to truly get rid of the cravings and binges of sugar and refined carbs. For some, a sugar detox simply won’t work. You may need “Sugar Deprogramming”.

If you don’t know, take the free QUIZ: What’s Your Sugar Detox Body Type?

The last few years have been instrumental in beginning to understand the effect of sugar on the body and brain. Studies are now confirming sugar is more addictive than cocaine for some as it lights up the same reward centers of the brain. Dopamine (at bare minimum) is released every time sugar or refined carbs are consumed, creating a reward which begins an addictive cycle.

This addictive cycle also breeds addictive repercussions like tolerance and withdrawal symptoms when the addictive substance (sugar and refined carbs) are taken away.

So as a nutritionist, it’s extremely helpful to offer a sugar detox meal plan that is specifically designed for coming off sugar in a particular way, to avoid the withdrawal symptoms and side effects as much as possible.

Most people that do a sugar detox complain about 2 main things:

1- The side effects, and

2- The cravings not going away.

This is why it’s such a big time-saver (and frustration-saver) to KNOW where you stand on that sugar-intake (and addiction probability) spectrum.

The people that see the MOST SUCCESS with a sugar detox are the ones who:

  • Are honest about their level of dependence on sugar
  • Make the commitment to start with a reliable sugar detox (and the CORRECT type!)
  • Do the work (which isn’t just about food, it’s also about mental and emotional connections as well.)

What’s so different about this sugar detox meal plan?

In this meal plan you’ll find meals that were designed to gradually pull you off sugar and higher carb counts. They’re truly sugar-free (meaning not even ‘natural’ sugars like coconut sugar, honey, agave, or fruit juices–because those are STILL SUGAR.)

The 1-week kit also contains some guidance in doing a 1-week sugar detox and avoiding the dreaded ‘detox flu’ side effects that many people experience.

The best time to quit sugar is NOW, and the best way to do it is with a nutritionist-designed sugar detox meal plan and guide to help you understand the hold sugar, refined carbs, and junk food may have on you, and how to beat it for good.

So you have 2 choices:

1: Go ahead and try a 1-week Sugar Detox Meal Plan,

the best sugar detox meal plan

2: OR, Take the QUIZ to see what your perfect Sugar Detox Body Type is so you can quit wasting time and get the CORRECT type of sugar detox specifically for your body type! ๐Ÿ‘‡

the best sugar detox meal plan

If I haven’t mentioned already, I’m a ‘recovered sugar addict’, and was basically addicted to sugar from the time that I was a child (I’m from the South–that should say it all, lol!)

Being addicted to sugar made me spiral into crazy inflammatory problems from hormone issues to emotional and depression issues and early onset osteoarthritis.

The dramatic difference in my life now is 100% owed to my determination to figure out WHY I couldn’t stop eating sugar and carbs (and especially bingeing if I ate one little bite) through my formal education, trial and error, and further deep dive research on food addiction and food science.

Now I’m helping others do the same to transition into anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyles that help them not just ‘manage’ their chronic conditions, but actually thrive with nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. I WANT THE SAME FOR YOU! But it has to start with quitting sugar, refined carbs, and junk.

If you’d like to chat about it to see what your best option might be (if the information above didn’t do the trick ๐Ÿ˜‰) DM me

xo, Laura

the best sugar detox meal plan
Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Author: Laura Brigance, MS, CHC

Laura is a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition. Her goal is to help women reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, and regain natural energy with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet + Lifestyle.

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