Sugar Detox for Diabetes

As obvious as it may seem, some don’t consider a sugar detox for diabetes. Maybe because it’s been touted as a ‘wellness’ trend in the past. But the truth is, many people with this diagnosis got there because they consume too much sugar and have a hard time getting off it.

One of the most common but disconcerting diagnoses of our time is that of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Disconcerting, but not shocking. As of 2019, over 70% of adults in the US are overweight, and with that comes other conditions that include diabetes. In fact, current statistics show that a full one-third of adults in the US are prediabetic.

This makes it surprising, as primary care physicians should request A1C testing for patients that are overweight at standard annual visits since reversing diabetes is way more possible if caught early in the pre-diabetic stages.

Regardless of timing or diagnosis, many in this situation are seeking out a way to ‘detox’ from sugar to help control their blood sugar levels, and then go sugar-free to manage their diabetes. This, a sugar detox for diabetes is a great way to get started in this new journey.

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