Personalized Meal Plans

Meal planning can become huge obstacle in optimal health and healing when you have no clue what to eat.

Common causes of feeling stuck with meal planning are:

  • food allergies among one or more family members, 
  • food intolerance,
  • specific health goals or dietary style,
  • and even plain ole' picky eaters.

This is where a Nutritionist or Health Coach can help.

I create personalized meal plans to address all these needs.

Browse the packages below to see which option fits your needs best.

Meal Plan Packages:

Personalized meal plans are best for families with very specific goals, challenges, or food allergies. The process goes like this:

1. You will fill out a questionnaire with payment, so that I may get a better idea of your specific needs, including foods to avoid, number of meals needed in the plan, and ease of recipes.

2. We jump on a 30-minute call to get really specific.

3. You receive your meal plan and get started cooking!

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