One of the biggest myths today is that you need hours of exercise to get fit or stay fit.

This simply isn't true, and science shows it. 

Oscillation (or movement) every day is very important.

But you don't need hours of cardio and hours of weight lifting to get in your oscillation for the day.

The easiest way to make sure you get your oscillation in with a hectic schedule is to do the world's fastest workout:

HIIT (high intensity interval workouts) and strength workouts can give you cardio + strength all in one. This means less time for all the benefits. 

Need some guidelines to stay motivated? First, decide what your goal is:

*to lose weight {strength + walking minimum 20 minutes at normal pace}

*to shape specific areas {targeted strength}

*combination of both {targeted strength + walking}

*just to stay healthy and feel better {HIIT 2-3x a week}

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