How to nail your health + fitness goals:

Even if you've never set fitness goals before!



Planner and Tracker


Only $37!


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Get ready to finally crush your fitness goals with a roadmap and tracking system like you've never seen before! 

  • Map out goals as lengthy as a year, or as short as a week 
  • Track your progress every step of the way 
  • Nurture healthy habits and create new ones

And since nutrition is a huge part of your weight loss and fitness outcome, no proper planner would be complete without a food log. Track your meals and macros and find patterns and trends in your goals based on fitness + food every week!

Customer Raves... 📣

"It’s so important AND empowering to acknowledge where you have difficulty, where you might have tripped up and--instead of beating yourself up about it--make a plan for how you’re going to handle those hurdles. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!"  ~Mariana

"There is so much goodness in this. And what's even more awesome is that I can reprint it every year and reuse it forever." ~Darby

"Love the reflective questions on Patterns noticed-- it ‘forces’ you to look at yourself, to reflect on the good or not so great patterns and as well as to take a moment to tune in and really notice how you’ve been feeling." ~Amanda

Printable PDF Download, Available IMMEDIATELY!

Here's what it includes:

  • Annual Goal Setting Section: Overall picture, starting fitness and health stats, mindset journaling, creating new intentions for the upcoming year
  • Quarterly Section: How to break down your goals into quarters, quarterly reviews, progress trackers, benchmark resets
  • Monthly Spreads: How to break down your quarterly goals into monthly mini-goals, progress trackers, mini-goal reviews 
  • Weekly Spreads: A detailed weekly fitness log sheet, weekly meal planner, weekly habit trackers, nutrition tracker, food log

Digital PDF File with Everything You Need to Plan Your Health + Fitness Goals


(completely printable)

Imagine your fitness + health goals and tasks, all mapped out.

All that's left to do is CRUSH it DAILY!

That's a $57 value for only



ONLY $7!!!

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