I'm Laura! 

Nice to meet you...

I'm a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition, and a passion for helping other moms create hella good health by starting with nutrition and keeping it going with meal planning. 

My entire philosophy is that we can find that magic ✨ middle where healthy + efficient merge to make healthy eating and habits doable daily.

My journey into nutrition began with the birth of my first baby + fear that my husband's non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma had returned. This mega wake-up call spurred me to learn everything about nutrition that I could, which led me to become a Certified Health Coach. 

Right before having our fourth kiddo, I knew I needed more. I wanted to help moms get out of the burnout rut that I had personally experienced, and had pulled myself out of by cleaning up my food choices and putting it on autopilot. 

The result of that desire was earning my Master's Degree in Nutrition to continue that journey.  

And the #1 thing I learned is this:


If your fuel isn't clean, it can affect every system in your body. You'll experience energy roller-coasters throughout the day, brain-fog, days where you're super cranky at everyone, exhaustion, and even more severe consequences like prediabetes, high blood pressure, and major hormone issues.

Not only do I firmly believe in clean energy for optimal health, but just like a business, the more things you can automate, the better for your mental status, stress levels, and overall well-being.

Let me help you rediscover your vitality, energy, and love of life by helping you cut the junk + inject clean fuel into your diet daily.

This starts with the FUEL framework:

ood Cleanup + Reset: Experience relief from the energy roller-coaster by cleaning up your meals to reset your system with the 1-Week Cut the Junk Meal Plan + Prep Guide. {Grab it below! πŸ‘‡}

nderstand Your Needs: Getting a grasp on your needs and your family's needs will help converge those into a plan to get everyone under your roof fed with clean fuel, but as efficiently as possible.

stablish Goals + Know Your Daily Energy Needs: Establishing what you'd like to ultimately get out of your clean rocket-fuel diet will help you choose appropriate meals, whether that goal is losing fat, reversing prediabetes, getting off the daily energy-roller-coaster, or simply feeling better every day. This usually includes knowing your daily energy needs to tweak your meals based on calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

earn How to Do it Daily: Creating habits and routines are the best way to keep a new healthy lifestyle. That means meal planning, as having a system and routinely using that system will keep you on track for always having clean fuel options at your fingertips with little thought.

So what are you waiting for?! Let's get started injecting clean fuel with the 

1-Week Cut the Junk Meal Plan + Prep Guide:


xo, Laura

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