Reversing prediabetes is your goal. 

And you're committed and ready to take action.

You’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes, and confusion and overwhelm are your new norm.

Your doctor gave you zero information except maybe a prescription and advice to lose weight. But you know there has to be more to prevent this from progressing to type 2.

And you’re determined to find it.

You want to manage this with diet and lifestyle changes but have no clue where to start.

You’re in the right place!

That’s where I come in. 

I'm Laura, and I specialize in  helping women diagnosed with prediabetes to lower their A1C levels to prevent type 2, with the ultimate goal of reversing that prediabetes diagnosis altogether.

Lowering your A1C seems daunting, but you're not giving up on your health.

I know exactly what it feels like to get that diagnosis because I've been in that chair at the doctor's office on the receiving end of a prediabetes diagnosis–(and I’m a nutritionist!)

I have the genetics for diabetes, but I thought the ’healthy’ foods I was eating would protect me from developing insulin resistance... I was wrong.

Since I wasn’t overweight, I had the unique opportunity to learn in depth and first-hand what it takes to lower A1C to below prediabetes levelswithout focusing on weight loss or medications.

After 6 months I lowered my A1C below prediabetic levels through a personalized dietary and lifestyle approach that I now teach clients.

Your journey to reversing prediabetes may be similar or wildly different than mine, but no matter your path, I know we have this in common: We both want control over our health that isn’t overwhelming, and allows the release of any guilt and other Negative Nelly feelings built up from this diagnosis.

Self-compassion and loving yourself enough to do this work are at the core of my approach.

My programs and coaching are steeped in these 2 principles, but I don’t put aside the importance of putting in the work.

Because you're 1000% worth it-- and we can do this together.

Hey there! I'm Laura Brigance, MS, CHC.

I'm a Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist with a passion for helping women with prediabetes prevent Type 2 diabetes and even reverse their prediabetes diagnosis. With over 12 years of experience and a Master of Science in Nutrition, my constant mission is to empower women to take control of their health to reverse their Prediabetes A1C levels without medication.

My journey began way before my own struggles with prediabetes...

In fact, my tl;dr bio is:

Former sugar addict and rollercoaster hormone sufferer turned blood sugar balance warrior. 

I spent over half my life being addicted to sugar, confused about fats, and drinking way too much alcohol to ever be productive the next day, let alone thrive.

From hypothyroidism, to endometriosis and infertility, to depression and debilitating anxiety attacks, to gestational diabetes (and more recently prediabetes), to adrenal fatigue, to osteoarthritis (way too young), and a wrecked metabolism—I’ve been there.

And running around operating largely as a single mom (anyone else have a spouse that travels nonstop for work?) while trying to manage food allergies for 2 kiddos (out of 4) and run my own business only made things worse.

I essentially felt like a failure as a mom, wife, and business owner... and my health was a direct reflection of it all.

Enter my 'enough is enough' intervention, which meant...

No more yo-yo dieting, deprogramming myself from sugar and flour, resetting my metabolism, slowing the F down, nourishing my body and spirit, and overall… balancing my blood sugar and managing inflammation.

These changes led to getting off anxiety and depression meds after being dependent on them for 10 years, finally losing the baby weight, relieving the inflammation and symptoms of allergies and arthritis, and ... ultimately and most recently...reversing my Prediabetes diagnosis. 

So yeah... I understand the emotional and physical toll of a prediabetes diagnosis, but I also know that with the right support and guidance, it's possible to rewrite your health story.

As a Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition, I have a passion for helping other women do the same things:

The process I use has helped countless other women to reverse their prediabetes diagnosis by personalizing their unique dietary style and lifestyle roadmap. 

And I invite you to join the balanced blood sugar uprising.

My approach is holistic, focusing on prediabetes management, blood sugar balance, and reducing chronic inflammation. By combining evidence-based nutrition strategies with personalized food options and lifestyle modifications, I help my clients make sustainable changes that impact every area of their life in a positive way.

If you're ready to regain control of your health and transform your life, I'd be honored to be your partner in this journey. Together, we can create a personalized roadmap that sets you on the path to balanced blood sugar and total clarity in your holistic health plan.

What to know about working with me:

I firmly believe that the state of our world’s health is declining (especially in the US) because of the control the food industry has over politics (although I don't dive into politics--ever.) 

Once we embrace the battle we’re up against, letting go of that guilt of your health status allows for making space to truly love yourself and dig in to doing this work.

That being said, I’m huge on self-responsibility. Being resourceful and being willing to figure sh!t out is paramount to mapping out your personalized roadmap.

And last, I’m obsessed with efficiency– why take a month to do something that can be done in a day?

Especially when it improves your quality of life and ability to replace frustration with joy every single day.

My goal with every training and session is simplify as much as possible.

'Simple' makes it doable on the daily

Working with Laura has been a true eye-opener. Not only have we nailed down my problem areas with what foods have made my blood sugar so high, we also did a lot of work in my biggest problem area--emotional eating. It's so refreshing to have somebody so caring that's been through it and has seemingly cracked the code. I've got more confidence than I ever thought I could after working together. And the best news is that my A1C is finally back down under prediabetes numbers! 

-Janie n.

Here's how I can help...

Peruse the FAQs of Prediabetes

This growing collection of Prediabetes 101 articles.  gets you started with answers to frequently asked questions, as well as the #1 thing you should do in your quest to stop Type 2 and reverse Prediabetes right from the start.

Newly diagnosed as prediabetic and have no clue where to start?

Our Balanced Blood Sugar to Prediabetes Reversal Quick-Start Guide is the perfect place to start! This guide walks you through the 8 essential first steps to lowering your A1C when diagnosed with Prediabetes.

Ready to balance your blood sugar in just 4 weeks?

Blood Sugar Bootcamp is a 4-week program that guides you through every first step needed to lowering your A1C as quickly as possible. It walks you through not only every aspect of blood sugar balance, but also through changing your foods one meal at a time while giving you lifestyle challenges to complete each week that help turbocharge all that hard work you're doing changing your diet.

Want a full suite of support in reversing your Prediabetes diagnosis?

Prediabetes Protocol is our comprehensive year-long membership that guides you through a step-by-step roadmap to creating a personalized plan for you in your goal of reversing your Prediabetes diagnosis. Think of it as the 'Netflix' of Prediabetes mini-courses and challenges that dive-deep into targeted nutrition and lifestyle choices to arm you with a lifetime of healthy transformation. (Oh- and also gives you accountability through access to me via messenger!)

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