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Recovered sugar addict and rollercoaster hormone sufferer turned anti-inflammatory warrior. I spent over half my life being addicted to sugar, confused about fats, and drinking way too much alcohol to ever be productive the next day, let alone thrive.

From hypothyroidism, to endometriosis and infertility, to depression and debilitating anxiety attacks, to gestational diabetes, to adrenal fatigue, to osteoarthritis (way too young), and a wrecked metabolism—I’ve been there.

And running around operating largely as a single mom while trying to manage food allergies for 2 kiddos (out of 4) and run my own business only made things worse.

I decided to give myself an intervention, which meant: no more yo-yo dieting, deprogramming myself from sugar and flour, resetting my metabolism, slowing the F down, nourishing my body and spirit, and overall… managing inflammation.

I'm a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition, and a passion for helping women manage inflammation, balance blood-sugar and hormones, heal their anxiety and depression, and reset their wrecked metabolisms using science-backed health hacks I organized into the CHEAT Codes Method.

The CHEAT Codes framework was specifically created to build a foundation to make that happen in minimal time every day.

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My journey into nutrition began with the birth of my first baby + fear that my husband's non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma had returned. This mega wake-up call spurred me to learn everything about nutrition that I could, which led me to become a Certified Health Coach. 

Right before having our fourth kid, I knew I needed more. I wanted to help moms get out of the burnout rut and sugar addiction that I had personally experienced, and had pulled myself out of by cleaning up my food choices, paying attention to the other aspects of my health, and putting it on autopilot. 

The result of that desire was earning my Master's Degree in Nutrition to continue that journey.  

But what happened is that my OCD for all things organization and planning kicked in when it came to good health. I knew I *needed* to make it efficient or it wasn't gonna happen.

Since then, it's been my mission to find the ways women (and especially moms) can use time-efficient health hacks to easily manage inflammation-rooted conditions with daily nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management, in MINIMAL time every day.

The secret is the CHEAT Codes method: 

Create a personalized dietary and wellness SYSTEM that runs itself.

anti inflammatory diet recipes meal plan food list

Cut the sugar + junk: We start by cutting sugar + junk from to manage inflammation, give us natural energy every day, gain laser focus on what matters most, and regulate our emotions through our fuel. 

How to eat: Next we work on pinpointing exactly how and what to eat through a process to create our custom 'fuel rules'.

Execute with meal planning: Third, we execute that daily with meal planning that actually fits our family's needs.

Automate: Then we put it on autopilot with a system that only takes 7 minutes a week to plan our meals, generate shopping lists, and send to the store!

Turbocharge + Thrive: Lastly, we turbocharge and thrive with the power of the CORE 4 pillars of anti-inflammatory health:

Calm | Oscillate | Rest | Eat

The CHEAT codes framework isn't *just* about anti-inflammatory foods-- it's also about your unique needs and how to make it happen without it taking over your life. 

anti inflammatory diet recipes meal plan food list

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