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  • Comment section in the membership portal to give feedback and ask questions

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Is this plant-based or vegan?

No, but the recipes can be easily adapted if you've had experience eating a vegan diet already. Anti-inflammatory dietary style at its base does include some poultry, fish, and (organic, grass-fed only) occasional beef or pork. Some meals will be plant-based or vegan. But there is always an option to sub out the protein for plant-based protein sources in any recipe. 

Do you give me all the recipes?

Yes! You get 6 dinner recipes, 2 breakfast, and 2 snack options per week, and each month will contain 4-5 weeks of meal plans. 

Are the meals gluten-free, dairy-free?

The meals are gluten-free and with limited dairy. Every recipe has the option to replace any type of diary product, or omit (usually when cheese is part of the recipe.)

Who is this NOT for?

If you have very specific food allergies or intolerances, this may not be the membership for you. Some people with inflammatory conditions find that they react to certain foods (for example, nightshades or certain carbohydrates or even certain meats.) If you have specialized dietary needs like these, this membership may not be the best choice for you--unless you're a whiz at replacing those ingredients in recipes with ingredients you don't react to. 

How does this work?

  1. You purchase the AIM (Anti-Inflammatory Meals) Membership
  2. You get an email + immediate access to your first months' meal plans
  3. You print out your shopping lists and recipes, and get started on your anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

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