anti inflammatory diet recipes meal plan food list
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Hey there, I'm  Laura!

As a Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, I have no shame in admitting I used to be stuck in an addictive cycle of cravings and binges on sugar for many years that contributed to weight gain, achy joints, allergic reactions, and hormone imbalance. And like you, I was determined to stop letting food control my body and my life.

I thought if I just found the perfect fad diet, then I'd be able to easily lose the baby weight and effortlessly choose foods that would support the conditions I had that all revolved around inflammation. But diet after diet made me think there was something truly wrong with me. It wasn't until I discovered the anti-inflammatory dietary style that I was able to first work on breaking my sugar addiction, then healing my body with an eating style based on my conditions.

Only then could I make peace with food for good and reap the benefits of its power of healing.

My approach is different than teaching a basic Mediterranean Diet to control inflammation, because it doesn't work if you have conditions, allergies, or intolerances that some of those foods aggravate further. No more hopelessness at never being able to control your inflammation through food just so you can feel human again. No more trying to figure out what's wrong with you, because it's not your fault.

It's time to let go of the confusion and exhaustion when it comes to a true Anti-Inflammatory Diet so you can manage your conditions with proper fuel, heal emotionally, and make the mind-body connection needed to live a healthy, energetic life without food controlling you.

Creating an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle happens through the CHEAT codes framework.

The CHEAT codes framework isn't *just* about anti-inflammatory foods-- it's also about your unique needs and how to make it happen without it taking over your life. 

anti inflammatory diet recipes meal plan food list

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