Reversing Prediabetes is possible. With a path that's personalized to you.

Stop type 2 diabetes in its path, and reverse your prediabetes diagnosis (without relying on medication) with a personalized prediabetes protocol.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You left your doctor's appointment shocked and more confused than ever

You know you weren't eating the healthiest but definitely didn't see this coming.

Your doctor may have given you a prescription but gave little to no advice on whether this could even be reversed, and if you could improve your A1C and blood sugar with diet and lifestyle.

You feel utterly overwhelmed about the foods you can eat,  scouring the grocery store nearly in tears because it seems like everything you used to eat you now have to avoid.

You had enough to worry about before this diagnosis...Now you're also worried about things like: losing your freedom, how this will impact your loved ones, the potential for complications, and even the financial strain

You feel like relying on medications and constant monitoring will be too much to handle.

You may feel like you've inadvertently created a burden on your family and finances, and you don't want to feel deprived.

You're terrified at the prospect of the potential for complications like nerve damage, kidney problems, and other serious issues down the line.

And you definitely are worried about the impact of this on your mental health--will you be able to deal with the stress and anxiety?

A lot of feelings are coming up for you: Denial, maybe even shame, where to even begin, comparison to others, and even resentment of your own body

You may feel like confronting the reality is too daunting, and if you can get past that you're stuck in self-blame mode--a loop of guilt, shame, and regret.

You may also be comparing yourself to others, possibly growing resentful that others can eat what you can't, which progresses to feeling like your own body has betrayed you

And through all of this you're still stuck with the burning question...

Where Do I Even Begin?

You begin right here.

Get on the path to balanced blood sugar and lower A1C quick!

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Hey there, I'm  Laura!

As a Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, I was more shocked than anyone to get a Prediabetes diagnosis...

I’ve had the prediabetes diagnosis, experienced the initial shock of it, and also tried wading through the confusing recommendations online. Lose weight. Eat super low carb. Take this medication.

After the shock wore off, I put together a personalized protocol to balance my blood sugar, lose the extra pounds, and reduce inflammation in my body so my A1C could come back within normal range –without relying on medications.

Through my education, empowerment, and my own signature method, I’ve reversed my prediabetes diagnosis and helped other women do the same with diet and lifestyle that’s tailored to their health conditions and goals.

I really thought type 2 diabetes was just my destiny. Several family members have it so I wasn’t that surprised to be diagnosed as prediabetic. What I didn’t expect was actually getting my blood sugar numbers back down to normal, even when I quit taking metformin. I know what food to eat, what I don’t need to eat, how to exercise for my age and bad knee, and just have more energy than ever. I know I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out without being in this program. It has everything you need to know, and more!

Denise j.

I started this program because 18 months after my own prediabetes diagnosis, my 16-year old was also diagnosed as prediabetic. As if the shock wasn’t enough for me, hearing that my teenager was in the same boat that young really hit me like a ton of bricks. We both went through the program together, and I’m so grateful that I took that first step. Not only do both of us have a normalized A1C now, but this process has brought us closer together as we now meal plan, cook, and sometimes work out together. It’s also prompted the rest of the family to join in because they see how much happier and healthy we both are!

stella r.

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